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At MATRIX45, we want to create opportunities for professional growth and a long-term affiliation with our company.  We offer interesting work, a coaching team that likes to give you autonomy, flexible working hours, competitive salaries, generous benefits, and an emphasis on balancing professional and personal life.  In return, we expect creativity, commitment, and hard work.


As our clients engage us for a variety of projects, we are continuously looking for people with (combined) experience in the following areas for our US and Belgium locations:

Strategic, scientific, and clinical consulting

Project management

Measurement & instrumentation

(Bio-)statistics & data mining

Scientific writing and biomedical communications

Grant writing

E-mail us your resume or curriculum vitae at our "careers" e-mail address (see below for our e-mail privacy policy).


E-mail Privacy

MATRIX45 wants to protect itself, its staff,  and its clients from unauthorized ("spam") e-mail. 

To avoid the unwanted gathering of e-mail addresses by robot agents ("web spyders", "web bots")

operated by or on behalf of "spammers", our web site does not specify e-mail addresses in the usual syntax of abc@yyy.xxx.

Our domain name is matrix45.com.  You may send e-mail to requests@, postmaster@, webmaster@, careers@, and partners@ at this domain name.

Thank you.


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