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A "niche" company like MATRIX45 is driven by the intellectual, strategic, and operational leadership of its principals -- and the way they complement each other.  We invite you to get to know each of us a bit better.


Ivo Abraham     Karen MacDonald    Dominique Van Dijcke (still under construction)



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MATRIX45 wants to protect itself, its staff,  and its clients from unauthorized ("spam") e-mail. 

To avoid the unwanted gathering of e-mail addresses by robot agents ("web spyders", "web bots")

operated by or on behalf of "spammers", our web site does not specify e-mail addresses in the usual syntax of abc@yyy.xxx.

Our domain name is matrix45.com.  You may send e-mail to requests@, postmaster@, webmaster@, careers@, and partners@ at this domain name.

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