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About Project Management






Planning, launching, supervising, and evaluating new initiatives ... whether scientific studies, models of healthcare delivery, screening and prevention programs, diagnosis and monitoring services, evidence-based change, or collaborative ventures in healthcare.  It all amounts to major investments and involves significant strategic, market, and financial risk.


No doubt, thoughtful analysis, conceptualization, and design are critical to the success of any strategic initiative.  So are the expertise, quality, and enthusiasm of staff, partners, vendors, and other team members.  Unless there is a systematic process of implementation across the lifecycle of a project, great plans may not materialize and talented teams may not be able to rise to the occasion.


Project management is perhaps not the "flashiest" of activities but is critical to the success of any undertaking.  Good project management plans and tracks implementation, channels resources, manages time lines, assures productivity, controls costs, tackles barriers, solves problems, and provides accountability.


Our experience at MATRIX45 assures the successful implementation of your projects - whether in follow-up to prior consulting services or as an independent request. We bring the technical, management, and people expertise to make your projects a succeed while managing the embedded risks.


MATRIX45 brings both capability and scalability.  For example:

On the biopharma side, we have managed projects ranging

from one country, a few sites, and a couple hundred patients (and perhaps a couple languages)


to five continents, hundreds of sites, tens of thousands of patients, a score of languages, and various alphabets

On the healthsystems side, we have managed projects

with single provider organizations, academic health centers, and integrated delivery systems


at the interface between community, specialty, hospital, and long-term care


through programs that bring various organizations together in a common strategic initiative.

We'd like to believe that our track record of (career-spanning) achievements, documented in this web site, illustrates our ability to see projects from idea to reality.


Why would a scientific consulting company like MATRIX45 include project management in its services?  Our track record is one reason.  Assuring project success is another.  The most important reason, however, is that we want to offer our clients continuity across the lifecycle of strategic initiatives.  We want to consult with you to develop various evidence-based ideas and solutions.  We also want to save you time and money by providing a smooth and effective transition from thinking to doing.


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