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Consulting & Science


We at MATRIX45 are healthcare consultants and scientists.  Instead of being a mere provider of scientific services and products, MATRIX45 works with clients on designing scientific processes that generate the evidence- and knowledge-bases for informed decision-making.


Typically, we start from our clients' strategic issues and priorities.  We begin by listening:

listening to our clients as they review the issues they face, the opportunities they see, the threats they experience, the solutions they envision or may have tried;


listening for emerging themes, determinants and factors, dynamics and processes - trying to gain deep insight into the issues so that individualized, tailor-made scientific solutions can be developed.

Often, this leads to the development of a concept document - an outline of what we have learned, how we see things fitting (or not fitting) together, perhaps some reasons why, and an initial outline of science-based approaches and solutions.  Often, we find ourselves studying the latest scientific developments in a given field and seeking the advice of experts (both at our expense!) - to achieve the depth of background knowledge necessary to provide relevant and quality services.


We are pragmatists who see the larger picture.  Our solutions are not "pie-in-the-sky", but practical models for solving the strategic business issues at hand.  The initial solutions offered may be broad and comprehensive.  Some clients may choose the comprehensive solutions.  Others may take this initial scoping to narrow down to the best possible project for their current and projected needs.  Either way, the result is a project concept that is achievable in terms of time frame, resourcing, and cost.


When designing clinical studies, for instance, we may rely upon various designs and methods, different types of instrumentation, and statistical models from within and outside healthcare.  We bring a repertoire of scientific skills and apply these inventively in the design and implementation of knowledge projects.


Some data-based projects may require primary data collection.  Here we work with our clients to find the best vendors for such services as: on-site data collection, verification, and/or monitoring; centralized monitoring; regulatory coding; electronic data capture; and forms processing.  Once the data have been collected, we analyze them based on a formal statistical analysis plan - using techniques from simple graphics to advanced data mining.


We can only maintain so much expertise in-house.  Through our academic linkages in the USA and Europe, an extensive international network of clinical opinion leaders, methodological experts, and alliances with highly specialized groups, we can assemble top-level teams of experts.  Important from a cost perspective to clients and to MATRIX45, we can titrate their input, maximize their contribution, and minimize cost.

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What You Will Find Here



The pages in this "What We Do" section describe the various areas in which we have expertise and experience.  Invariably, these descriptions become lists of types of services and the like - at the risk of conveying the message that MATRIX45 "just does" these services - "just like" other companies.


On the contrary, to us services are expertise areas that we integrate in the design and implementation of issue-specific and client-centric engagements.

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To avoid the unwanted gathering of e-mail addresses by robot agents ("web spyders", "web bots")

operated by or on behalf of "spammers", our web site does not specify e-mail addresses in the usual syntax of abc@yyy.xxx.

Our domain name is matrix45.com.  You may send e-mail to requests@, postmaster@, webmaster@, careers@, and partners@ at this domain name.

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