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Several of us at MATRIX45 spent part of our careers in academic research.  We too know the challenges of identifying sponsors, whether government agencies, private foundations, or corporations ... responding to program announcements and requests-for-proposals ... bridging the (often long) time between proposal submission, review and feedback, and funding ... the cycles of submission, revisions, and resubmissions ...


In their academic quests, our principals have been successful in attracting several millions of dollars of funding for research, health services development, and dissemination.  Further, they have helped colleagues obtain millions of dollars of funding to support their activities.


Sponsors have included the National Institutes of Health (USA), other USA government agencies, foreign governments; the largest foundations as well as some smaller "niche" foundations; and corporations in the USA and abroad.


Importantly, we know how to target proposals to the different classes of sponsors.  They all have different cultures, different agendas, different modes of working with "grantees", and different expectations as to outcomes and deliverables.  MATRIX45 can help you outline your funding program, design your funding strategy, develop or critique your proposals, prepare for site visits, and script your "pitches".


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