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MATRIX45 Evidence-Based Healthcare

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Evidence-based healthcare - consulting and science ...

serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and private/academic research sectors ... strategic, scientific, and analytical consulting with the services to support it ...  Phase 4 and 5 in biopharma - and development in private/academic research ...

at the interface of strategy, science, and change ....

science for a purpose.

A wise man, therefore, proportions his beliefs to the evidence.

David Hume (1711-1776)

Where is the wisdom
we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge
we have lost in information?

T.S. Eliot, The Rock (1888-1965)


Matrix Four Five

as we call ourselves



MATRIX45 consultants and scientists, clinicians and statisticians, strategists and change agents, managers and teachers, speakers and writers healthcare experts enabling our clients worldwide to build the foundation for evidence-based decision-making mainstream pragmatists but also out-of-the-box thinkers.

MATRIX45 a young company but with years of accumulated experience ... with an unrelenting commitment to quality ... steadfast in its scientific integrity ... dedicated to individualized services in response to unique client challenges.

MATRIX45 an international team with consulting, scientific, and academic experience in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

MATRIX45 the right services from the best angle: client-centric and project-centric.

MATRIX45 good people, too.
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Our Clients














































pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies seeking to better understand determinants, practice patterns, and outcomes of drug-based treatments dedicated to promoting best practices in clinical care focused on a science-driven strategy to strengthen their market position committed to integrated lifecycle programs of phase 4 and 5 studies exploring targeted treatment solutions that bridge diagnostics, drugs, medical devices, and support services seeking a partner who can help them envision and plan, analyze and synthesize, design and implement, develop and communicate, think and do.

diagnostics and medical device companies seeking to build a strong scientific base for their products and technologies especially those committed to integrated healthcare solutions with the biopharma sector seeking a partner to design and/or implement an evidence-based strategy.

contract research organizations positioning their services in the phase 4 and phase 5 post-marketing arena - the fastest growing segment in pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing building expertise in new models of inquiry integrating new models of research methodology and statistics building a portfolio of R&D services across the full drug lifecycle seeking a strategic and scientific partner to bridge the R&D, medical affairs, strategic marketing, and regulatory divisions within biopharma organizations.

research groups, such as international consortia and professional/scientific organizations, in academe or in industry, in need of specialized consulting: study design, protocol development, instrumentation, statistical analysis, proposal development, and funding and sponsorship quests.

universities strengthening their current research portfolios or venturing into new areas of healthcare R&D developing public-private partnerships in clinical and health services research developing new academic programs in response to changes in healthcare and biopharma in need of teachers for seminars and courses in search of funding in need of specialized study design, instrumentation, statistical analysis, and results reporting consulting and support seeking experts at the interface of academic and commercial research, basic and applied science, and translational research.

healthcare providers seeking to evaluate their care delivery processes ... pursuing an evidence-based balance between quality and efficiency ... benchmarking their performance ... building research programs ... exploring private sector ventures ... examining patterns of care and associated outcomes ... seeking a partner who knows the clinical and can integrate the scientific.


risk mangers and law firms seeking to better manage risk and consequences through empirical analysis and associated expert opinion and litigation support.

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 Our Perspective









The name MATRIX45 was chosen to reflect our thinking, our scientific orientation, and our approach to serving clients.

Think of the javelin thrower who wants to achieve the best arc, longest air time, and farthest distance to capitalize on the physical power she applies to her throw - all of which require a launch release at exactly 45 degrees.  It takes hard training, sustained practice, and a commitment to learn to achieve that 45o release angle consistently and confidently - especially during the meet when the number of throws is limited, the exposure high, and the competition intense.  Physical strength propels, but the 45o angle leads to excellence - to sustained excellence (the men's world record has been held since 1996 by Jan Zelezny.  Click on his name for a video clip of his perfect throw).

Knowledge to change is MATRIX45's motto.  We assist our clients in asking questions, looking for answers, and translating answers into new processes.  We want to generate useable knowledge - knowledge that gives direction and advantage.  Knowledge at that 45o angle.

MATRIX45 wants its clients to channel their strengths and to find that 45o angle that leads to enduring competitive success.  Our biopharma clients will recognize the emphasis on phases 4 and 5 in a drug's scientific lifecycle -  with its challenges of understanding market dynamics, positioning, evolving practices, and new indications.  However, our rich knowledge and skill mix makes MATRIX45 uniquely qualified to serve the evidence-based strategy and decision-making challenges of a diverse healthcare client base.
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What We Are



A niche firm, MATRIX45 specializes in strategy-driven projects focused on developing and applying evidence and knowledge bases in healthcare.  Our expertise lies in integrating healthcare, science, and evidence-based strategic change - using, as appropriate, technology-enabled approaches.  We know healthcare, from the clinical to the operational.  We are credentialed scientists with international and multicultural experience.  We understand strategy within a market-driven context.  We differentiate regionally and globally.  We use technology intelligently.  We are healthcare consultants and scientists.

So, what are we not?  We are not a management consultancy nor a contract research organization.  We do not provide data entry and management services.  We do not develop technology.  We are not a medical education and communication company nor an advertising agency.  [We have alliances with all such companies, or we will work with your preferred specialty vendors].

We are a dedicated "niche" scientific consultancy, thriving on intellectual challenges and pragmatic solutions.  We intend to stay that way.

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About This



This web site seeks to give you an insight into our clients, capabilities, services, and key staff - and provide you with background information on MATRIX45.  You may always call any of our offices or e-mail us if you should have questions or need additional information.  [See our e-mail privacy statement at the bottom of each web page]

What We Do   This section describes the service categories offered by MATRIX45.  Services are channels to individualized projects tailored to client issues, needs, and challenges.  Clicking on a category below will take you to the respective web page.

Strategic Consulting

Scientific Consulting

Clinical Consulting

Analytical Consulting

Project Management


Development & Funding

Education & Training


Who We Serve   These pages highlight the client sectors served by MATRIX45.  You will also find a listing of MATRIX45 service categories that we may bundle in the design and implementation of client-specific projects in each sector.

News   Go to these pages to read the latest news on MATRIX45. You will find press releases, announcements, and links to new downloads.

Principals   As a company that provides (pragmatic) brain power translated into unique and innovative services, getting to know our principals will help you understand the value that our company brings. Go to these pages to see biosketches of the founders of MATRIX45 Learn more about their backgrounds, education and training, perspectives, and careers - and that, notwithstanding tireless devotion to clients and company, they also have a life outside MATRIX45!

Publications   At MATRIX45, we believe that scientific, professional and clinical articles, as well as presentations at major meetings, demonstrate the quality and integrity of (part of) our work.  Go to these pages to see examples of publications and presentations by key staff over the course of their career as well as MATRIX45 documents.

Careers   Yes, we are looking for good people with consulting and/or scientific credentials.  We are especially looking for people who want to grow along with the company.

Partners   We are also looking for organizations that can complement and supplement our services.

Contact Us  In our book, responsiveness starts from the very beginning.  Contact us so we can contact you.

Locations   Here you will find contact addresses and other coordinates.

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E-mail Privacy

MATRIX45 wants to protect itself, its staff,  and its clients from unauthorized ("spam") e-mail. 

To avoid the unwanted gathering of e-mail addresses by robot agents ("web spyders", "web bots")

operated by or on behalf of "spammers", our web site does not specify e-mail addresses in the usual syntax of abc@yyy.xxx.

Our domain name is matrix45.com.  You may send e-mail to requests@, postmaster@, webmaster@, careers@, and partners@ at this domain name.

Thank you.


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